Nora is half Finnish half Canadian. She began to look at the moon long after she had drawn it many times. Because Nora doesn’t draw what she sees, instead she sometimes finds in the world shapes with amazing similarities with some of her drawings.

She’s always drawn, she draws like others breathe

or digest. She’s drawn ideas, companies, flavours, characters belonging to stories that haven’t jet been written.

Nora graduated from Evtek, Helsinki.

She was also trained at Fabrica di Oliviero Toscani, in Italy.


Nora is no doubt entrepreneurial by nature.

She has taken part in various enterprising projects:


Noralola, graphic design studio with Lola Stalenhoef;


Yatta, multidisciplinary studio founded by designers, architects, business consultants, copy writers, etc.


Mukula, a textile design company based in Canada;


Identity Pattern, a new project with Lola Stalenhoef

(she must have liked working with her!)


Nora has worked for a number of years on textile collections designed for Marimekko, becoming a designer f reference in the Nordic design scene.


Nora & Lola have recently launched their own cartoon blog:

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The work viewed is created by Nora Fleming and Lola Stalenhoef either independently or for Yatta, or for Stuff design consultants.